Why Choose Us?

We love a challenge

We guarantee the promptness and precision of our communication with you.

Our knowledge, experience and contacts enable us to provide a level of advice, even on the most complex of deals, that would be hard to match.

Our service is free of charge to our clients. Only in a limited number of commercial finance cases do we seek to charge a fee directly.

We specialise in dealing with sophisticated investors and self-employed applicants. Most of our clients own multiple properties, often held in trust structures with varying degrees of complexity. Some of our clients own and/or control up to 20 properties.

I have known David for over 20 years, first as an employee for several years in our mortgage team and more recently as a client. Needless to say David is very experienced and has a wealth of experience in structuring loans strategically for both tax purposes and efficient management of repayment.

David, as any of his clients can attest, goes about his business in a professional and ethical way. He is honest and trustworthy beyond reproach. I have no hesitation in recommending David to my clients as the best individual to look after their loan requirements.

Peter K


With complex loan structuring requirements being commonplace we often find ourselves working alongside a client’s other professional advisors.

We understand the importance of open and transparent communication. Trust is at the heart of our relationship with clients, many of whom we have been working with us for over 10 years with a few dating back to 2002!

At times our clients may require non-standard funding lines e.g. for; debt consolidation, refinancing to clear tax debts, to recover from a major life event which may have disrupted their credit worthiness and they need to refinance, or possibly on occasions where the security property is of an unusual type. We have access to funders for most situations, including private money.

We are not just a residential lending broker. We understand commercial property and have provided solutions against many security types including retail, mixed commercial/residential, aged care, hotels, boarding houses and factories.

We also understand property development from both the client side and funding side. We have arranged funding for numerous small developments. Where larger projects are concerned, we have access to bank and non-bank options for senior debt, mezzanine funding and possible equity participation/JV’s.

Through our subscription to Core Logic / RP Data, Price Finder, and Realestateinvestar we can provide unlimited valuations and various market analytics reports to our clients.

With hands-on experience with, and a detailed knowledge of, most property investment strategies we not only understand the investor’s mindset (unlike most bank staff), we understand how to structure finance correctly for you whilst complying with lender policy.

David, thank you so much for all the help in yet again securing me a great home loan. Not only do you always make the process seamless, save me an enormous amount of time but always seem to secure me a rate far better than that I could’ve got myself.

I won’t hesitate in advocating the services of Symmetry Finance to all and sundry, as the service you provide is priceless!

Sue S

Business Owner

We know how to negotiate to get the best interest rates and pricing for our clients.

SFS is part of a network of complimentary advice-based businesses. We can assist with a clients’ related needs such as property investment acquisition, property buying services, financial planning, accounting and legal/conveyancing via introduction to our trusted business partners.

Our clients are typically property investors or small developers. Common attributes would be:

  • Professionals and/or self-employed – often time poor.
  • Use professional advisors and often hold property in Trust structures.
  • Medium to high net worth • Interested to generate wealth through property.
  • Own their home with equity available • Own/control between 2 and 10 + properties.
  • Are well educated around property investing and or developing.

David was able to secure a loan with our existing lender after they had already declined our application, and at a better interest rate than the discounted package we already received. Very professional and good communication.

Kerry and Warren L

Business Owners & Multiple Property Investors

I highly recommend David from Symmetry Finance for anybody looking at getting a loan or refinancing. The personalised service was amazing and stress free from start to finish. David managed to do wonders getting me the results I was after due to his knowledge and experience in the industry, which I don’t think I would have got through anyone else. I will definitely only be going through Symmetry for any future loans.

Lee M

Business Owner

The truth is I have confidence and peace of mind every time I send a client to David to have their loan set up for proper asset protection loan structuring. I always recommend David first time every time because of that.

Arthur J W

Accountant & Property Investor